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More than just high-quality remodeling and renovation services, we design and execute each plan and project with a driven purpose. Our goal is to make the challenges of daily life, and the obstacles our clients face regularly a little easier, and provide the highest level of accessibility and ease in their own home. Whether it's using the restroom, accessing storage and cabinetry, getting into your own front door, or access from your driveway to your home - we have options and solutions that can not only improve the look of your home, but provide relief, function, and ease.

Home Addition

Home Additions

When functional access to a space is required, we can add on additions to your home that provide easy access to areas you want. We have designed and executed additions to homes in order to accommodate some of our clients needs. Including extending a bathroom, personalized closet for wheelchair access, and much more.

Walk in tub

Functional Features

From walk-in bathtubs, to handlebars and seats in showers, to cabinets with easy access, and roll-up sinks. We know which features will assist you in your daily life, as well as provide aesthetic design enhancements, and make you feel at home!

Entry Ramp

Entry Access

Getting into your home, different areas of your house, or even your shower should be convenient, and not a stressful experience. Accessibility By Design, INC. Specializes in creating and designing functional entry access for any part of your home. Contact us today to get started.